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Common Staging Questions

We get it, you don't do this everyday...but don't worry, because we do!

No, you are not. 


Staging your home is not a requirement with us, however it is highly encouraged. Think of it as like a prescription from your doctor...sure the doc can prescribe something, but it's up to you to follow their suggestion. 


We have all the resources and ability at our fingertips, so why not take us up on this?


It's a fact that your home will have better results if it is staged. If someone is telling you different, chances are they aren't willing to put in the upfront effort to get you the best results.  


However, we understand that sometimes your timeline or life circumstances will not allow for the staging process. We are flexible. 

Nothing. We do not charge you to stage your home when you choose to list with us, we do it because we know that your house is going to shine above the rest. The results speak for themselves, your home will sell faster and for more money than if it wasn't staged. Thats a fact!


Independent staging services may be offered on a limited basis depending on our supply of inventory. Pricing starts at $3,000 for For Sale by Owners and real estate agents from other brokerages.

We typically stage your home just a day or two before the photo shoot. We will leave the items at your home until all contingencies have been met from the Buyer, unless you request otherwise. 

Don't worry, we can guide you through the process of getting your home prepared. We can provide choices for...

  • paint colors
  • light fixtures
  • flooring choices
  • hardware
  • and more.


We can work with you to help find contractors to complete the job. Please note: No contractors we refer are affiliated with Corcoran Realty & Co. We cannot warranty or guarantee work provided by 3rd party companies.

Maybe. Yes and no. Please understand, staging is an organic process. We come with a general vision, but things can change once we start working with your space. 


While we will not physically move out all your items, nor will we move them up and down stairs (etc.), we may find that moving your couch from one wall to another makes more sense for staging purposes. Or maybe some art, or a rug? 


If there are a lot of items to be removed from the home prior to us staging, we suggest you can store them in the basement, garage, storage locker or maybe a POD.



No, you don't have to move out all your belongings. We can partially stage your home and you can still live in your home while it is on the market. 


We may suggest that you move out some larger items, and that you pack away a lot of small items. Think of it this way, you are moving might as well get a head start on packing!


It all depends. Depending on the scope of work needed & size of the home staging can take anywhere from 2 - 10 hours. If it is a big task, we might need to split it up in to two days. Believe it or not, we can typically stage a vacant house quicker than we can a "partial stage". 



Don't fret, no, you do not need to be home. 


We encourage if you have small kids, or pets to please take them out of the house while we are staging. It can make the process go much faster. But don't worry if you need to stay and keep the kids/pets home, we understand. Not matter what, we've got this!

We get that accidents happen, and we know our staging furniture won't last forever. Unless it is obvious that there was blatant negligence, don't worry, we plan for wear and tear of our items. 

Yes. The following are some reasons that we may not stage a home

  • property is currently rented, or may become rented
  • issues with some pets
  • Seller requests we do not stage

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