Fox Point

Fox Point remains a charming village with a rich history and an emphasis on community values.

Welcome to Fox Point

Stunning lakeside views and historical roots

Nestled along the shore of Lake Michigan, the history of Fox Point intertwines with that of the broader region and its development. From indigenous communities to European settlement and suburban growth, the village has undergone significant changes over the centuries.

In the early 1900s, the village was a popular summer getaway from Milwaukee’s downtown. Many East Side families owned summer cottages along the lakeshore and enjoyed the golf course, which was converted into housing eventually.

In the latter part of the 20th century, Fox Point experienced further expansion and modernization. The population grew, and more families settled in the community, attracted by its proximity to Milwaukee and lakeside life. Common architecture in the village includes sprawling ranch homes with a mid-century vibe.

Today, Fox Point remains a charming village with a rich history and an emphasis on community values. It is known for its picturesque lakefront views, well-maintained neighborhoods, and a strong sense of community.

What to Love

  • Beautiful parks and scenic views
  • Proximity to the city and the lakeshore
  • Unique local shops and eateries

Local Lifestyle

One of the defining features of the local lifestyle in Fox Point is its community-centric attitude. The residents value their close-knit relationships and actively participate in community events and activities. The village organizes various events throughout the year, such as summer concerts in the park, holiday celebrations, and farmers' markets.

The local lifestyle in Fox Point also revolves around the appreciation for outdoor activities and natural beauty. The village is also home to several well-maintained parks, such as Doctor's Park and Stormonth Park. Its proximity to the Milwaukee River allows for scenic walks or bike rides along the riverbank.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Benji’s Deli, a gem located near Fox Point, feels like you are transported to a classic New York Jewish Deli. They offer amazing sandwiches, bakery items, and the best matzo ball soup in the area. And if you’re looking for a cozy breakfast joint, check out Maxfield’s Pancake House.

There are two other excellent options near Fox Point—locals enjoy Ginza located just on the cusp of Fox Point in Bayside, and Samurai Restaurant featuring Sushi and Hibachi, just over the border in Glendale.

Things to Do

Doctors Park, nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, offers a serene atmosphere and breathtaking views. With its well-maintained walking trails, visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk while taking in the stunning lakefront scenery or exploring the lush greenery. Just a short distance away lies the Schlitz Audobon Nature Center, a true haven for nature enthusiasts. Its extensive network of hiking trails takes visitors through diverse landscapes, including woodland, prairie, and wetland areas. This allows for unique opportunities to observe native wildlife and plant species in their natural habitats.

One popular destination near Fox Point is the renowned Lynden Sculpture Garden, where art and nature harmoniously blend. With over 50 sculptures scattered across 40 acres of parkland, this enchanting garden provides a perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls and introspection. For fresh local goods, Fox Point Farmers Market showcases the best of the community's organic produce and artisanal goods. From colorful fruits and vegetables to homemade bread and tasty treats, this bustling market offers a sensory delight for all.

At the Mary Nohl Art Environment, you get to immerse yourself in an experience like no other. Explore the world of legendary artist Mary Nohl’s lakeside property, decorated with over 59 giant sculptural figures. As you stroll around, let Nohl’s commitment to creativity inspire you. With various paintings and adornments crafted by Nohl both inside and out, a visit to the cottage is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The Fox Point neighborhood is served by the Fox Point-Bayisde School District and has several excellent schools. Some of these opportunities include:

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