A Local's Guide on Things to Do in Mequon, WI

A Local's Guide on Things to Do in Mequon, WI

Mequon has been the site of numerous history-making events in Wisconsin’s history, from its early settlement by a number of Native American tribes all the way to its massive population boom in the ‘60s. But the Mequon of today is very much dedicated to the future, and there are more and more interesting things to do in the city now than there ever have been before.

So, whether you’re here to learn more about Mequon’s top-notch events, Mequon homes for sale, or plan on visiting or becoming a new resident, here is a local’s guide on things to do in Mequon, WI.

O’Brien-Peuschel Farmstead

This historic building, one of Mequon’s finest homes, was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2000. Seen in person, it is quite impressive thanks to its stunning Greek Revival facade and imposing large trees that frame the property from the front. This home has made an impact on local Mequon, Wisconsin, real estate as well, with many nearby houses reflecting a similar comfortable but dignified air. Built in the late 1840s, the O’Brien-Peuschel home remains one of Wisconsin’s oldest and best-known private homes.

Wisconsin Octagonal Barns

Eastern Wisconsin isn’t only home to some of the midwest’s most distinctive private residences. In Mequon, there is also ample evidence of some of the area farmers’ ingenious Wisconsin architecture styles on their barns and silos. If you’re interested in Wisconsin history or just want a glimpse back at the intelligent ways that locals adapted to the climate of Lake Michigan, check out some of Mequon’s legendary octagonal barns.

One of the best existing examples of this curious building style is Mequon’s Frank Vocke Barn, built in 1891. These barns were once the norm in Wisconsin, but now they have fallen out of fashion. All that remains are a few living examples that define Wisconsin architecture in the 19th century. Oddly, they were rarely produced outside the state. A quirky bit of Wisconsin lore!

Local pubs and bars

Wisconsin has a long and storied connection with drinking culture and bars and clubs. As you might expect, Mequon isn’t lacking when it comes to great American-style pubs and bars. There are dozens in the city to visit, but some of the best to check out on your next trip to Mequon include:

  • Spanky’s Hideaway: open from 11 am to 2:30 am, this local watering hole serves over a dozen dining options, from wings to nachos to sirloin steaks and burgers. Reasonably priced drinks and beers are also a specialty. Come for a fun night out on the town.

  • Café Hollander Mequon: a more upscale dining option with many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu choices. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a relaxed, professional environment. Their brunch menu is a local favorite.

  • Remington’s River Inn: Your traditional American bar and restaurant atmosphere in a charming wood cabin-inspired interior. From fried food starters to more upscale chef-inspired entrees, the vibes are relaxed, homey, and welcoming for all diners.

  • Mequon Public Market: serving a variety of American pub food, French, and Mexican entrees from 11 am to 10 pm., the Public Market is a perfect place to bring the whole family for lunch with a small market attached that offers a floral shop and mementos for travelers or new residents.

Mequon’s historic parks and nature reserves

Mequon actually claims the #3 spot as the largest Wisconsin city by area. For good reason: the outlying areas of the city center extend for hundreds of acres. Though Mequon’s expansive city limits are partly due to farming, the city is also the site of numerous large and inviting parks and nature and wildlife areas.

Locals have long had access to the resources of Kapco Park and Virmond Park –– the two largest and best-maintained parks in the city, but they may be a secret to visitors or new residents. Here’s a little more about them.

Kapco Park offers an abundance of outdoor activities for the whole family. It hosts a number of minor league baseball games that feature some of the nation’s top collegiate players as they play summer league games. Come by in the summer to enjoy a game by the local minor league team, the Lakeshore Chinooks. Kapco Park is mainly a ballpark, but there’s plenty for children and non-baseball fans to do too. There’s a large concession area, a fully-stocked fan shop, and activities for children. The park is near plenty of Mequon, WI, real estate for sale as well.

Virmond Park has a lot more to offer for those who are looking for a more natural outdoor experience. This state park provides visitors with several miles of hiking trails and open wildlife areas where you can bring your pets, stretch your legs, and view the lake up close. The clifftop vista of Lake Michigan has been lauded by locals for years. Go for a run, take a load off on the park’s numerous benches, or have a picnic on the reservable park tables. The trails are especially well-liked in the summer when the wildflowers are blooming and the locals are out enjoying the fresh lake-scented air.

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This is just a brief tour around Mequon, WI, and all it has to offer to first-time visitors and new residents alike. The city has so much more to show for itself, however. From the Barthel Fruit Farm, where you can pick your own strawberries, to the Spice and Tea Exchange, which is one of Wisconsin’s most enchanting specialty and gift shops, the city of Mequon is full of fun things to do.

If you have any questions or comments about the city, or if you’d like to learn more about homes for sale in Mequon, WI, don’t hesitate to reach out to Katie Corcoran and Corcoran Realty & Co. As experts in the area, they can help you with all your real estate needs. Contact Corcoran Realty & Co for more information today!

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