Confession: I did not watch the Packers game last night; but I guess I didn’t need to it’s all Milwaukee (and my husband) can talk about today. What an awesome comeback story!
It has inspired me to somehow relate this story to the world of real estate. I love a good comeback story, it’s all I have been thinking about this morning. Here is what I know.

Packers Recap:

In the second quarter, Aaron Rodgers goes down with an injury to the knee. Instantly all Packers fans are in despair, and I can’t even imagine how ARod felt. He is the leader, he was out last season & maybe out this season (so my husband and most of WI thought) and he didn’t even get through the first half. 
A good athlete knows their body extremely well. Furthermore, and athlete who has recently come off of an injury is going to be extra cautious and listen to any new pain/injury.
A-Rod was carted off the field. Now what?
Well, in the second half, he walked back onto the field. After assessing with the doctor, he realized he was going to be ok to play in the game. Can you even image the adrenaline he had pumping through him at that point? The leader of the Green & Gold had work to be done…and he made it happen.
Per my husband, this is the Packers 100th season, and this was the most epic comeback in the history of the team. 
This is a story of falling back (or cooling off) when needed assessing, readjusting, and coming back to press ahead and succeed. The mental strength for this is intense. 

How does this relate to real estate?

Just like sports, real estate has its highs and its lows. Trust me, the highs are HIGH and the lows can be LOW. How on earth do Buyers & Sellers rally back after an emotional blow? 
“They went with someone else’s offer!”
“The inspection went bad, the basement is in need of massive repair”
“The appraisal came in low.”
Sometimes after an event like this, a Buyer or Seller needs to step off the field for a bit and assess what happened. This is where the mental game comes in. You can spend days or weeks worrying that the next offer is going to go the same way, you’ll get heartbroken all over again.
This is where you need to ask yourself how bad do I want it? It is where my crazy love of chasing goals kicks into gear: I am your coach. 
Fear is not our friend. Sometimes we can use it as fuel, but never use it as an excuse. Nothing is out of reach. Each day we wake up with the opportunity for greatness.
You’ve got a home goal let’s get it!

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