Sounds crazy, right? For me to tell you that Spring is just around the corner, when today is the first official day of fall?

Let me explain

In the world of real estate I am already mentally in November. That's because when an offer to purchase is written on a house today, the closing date is typically about 6 weeks out. That puts our transactions closing beginning of November.
Once we are amidst the Holiday Season (the third week of November through January 1) the market is going to slow dramatically. There will not be many new listings nor will there be a lot of Buyers shopping. Anyone out and about now, will be closing by December 15th of this year.
This is why we see very few closings in January & February. But remember, it takes about 6 weeks from accepted offer to closing.
This is why the Spring market is just around the corner you see, after January 1 the 2019 inventory will start to roll out. By February we will be listing some of the best homes all season, they kick off Spring. By mid-March the Spring market is already 1/2 over. (My definition of "spring market" is probably January 1 - June 15th). Closings happening mid-June are homes that went on the market at the end of April or before Mother's Day.
Now, do you get what I am saying? Do you understand how the Spring market is right around the corner?
Preparation is a key factor in succeeding in the world of real estate. So to every Buyer & Seller who tell me "oh, we aren't going to do anything until spring" well, you should probably start now. Our market is highly competitive (anyone who knows me knows how much I love that). Without a plan, preparation and knowledge, you are setting yourself up with a disadvantage to those Buyers & Sellers who are ready to pounce.
I am already collecting my Spring inventory and meeting with Buyers who plan to move next year. My clients are going to be ready to succeed because we will have their goals properly outlined and plan of action in gear.
So who's with me?

Let's Do This

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