The Most Popular Interior Design Styles You Need to Know

The Most Popular Interior Design Styles You Need to Know

Interior design gives a home its personality, combining aesthetics with the essential features of the space. While some might consider décor secondary to the fundamentals, the interior style showcases the full potential of a home.

But what are the most popular designs of today? Homeowners are no longer limited by the stock of the local home-goods store, making it easy to incorporate any type of interior style imaginable. Here is a look into six of today's most popular interior designs you could find in any neighborhood.

Scandinavian design: back to basics

Scandinavian design is both eye-pleasing and a lifestyle to strive toward. Simple and clean is the focus, with furniture placement creating elegant sight lines that complement an understated approach. The less-is-more strategy leans towards soft, warm colors like cream and beige while favoring natural elements from the local area. The result is an uncluttered design that taps the principles of hygge, the popular Danish phrase that stresses the coziness of the home.

For more variety, rustic-Scandinavian design is a variation that brings more decoration to the scheme. Open shelving and unique accents, for example, make for a natural extension of Scandinavian minimalism. Though not quite as uncluttered, the rustic-Scandinavian design exudes warmth and practicality, making it a popular option for many homeowners.

The simple allure of French country

The eclectic charm of French country design borrows from several styles to create a colorful and welcoming space. The faded French blue is often a cornerstone of the look, which blends the country-cottage aesthetic to provide an earthy and comforting tone. Exposed stone walls and reclaimed wood are also hallmarks of the style, as are well-placed splashes of floral yellow and pink.

Aligning with the floral colors, plant life is also a regular feature of French country design. The floral pillow designs match with vases of peonies, lavender, and sunflowers, creating a vibrant backdrop that creates a cottage ambiance. French country décor has a timeless feel that is easy to embrace in any home.

The many faces of farmhouse style

A cousin to Scandinavian design, the American farmhouse aims to provide natural beauty and comfort. Fine woodworking is often featured along with naturalistic elements that evoke the classic American farmhouse. But the style has also expanded since its initial surge in popularity, leading to new approaches that showcase the flexibility of farmhouse design.

The more traditional farmhouse décor pays homage to homestead roots, with vintage accessories and furnishings giving a home character. Dark greens and blues often accompany traditional styles, while modern farmhouses tend to be rich in beige and cream colors.

The modern approach is also great for bringing in salvaged wood and metals. Beneath ceilings embedded with exposed beams, modern farmhouses have large, comfortable furniture and unique features like distressed mirrors and end tables.

Many homeowners also add a coastal touch to the modern farmhouse design. Coastal farmhouses tend to have a little more color (think blue accent walls) but still integrate the basics. Homeowners might show off oars, driftwood, or shiplap paneling while bathing the home in whites and grays. While the traditional farmhouse is still very much in style, homeowners are branching out in many ways to provide a unique touch.

Art Deco's Bold Elegance

Art Deco has endured through many different phases of interior design, emerging as a classic style perfect for anyone looking to shake up their living space. Designs typically include plenty of high-contrast color schemes and elaborate lighting, mixing with brass and chrome furnishings that evoke urban life in the 1920s. Borrowing the geometric-based designs that first made it popular, today's Art Deco is a blank slate of artistic expression.

Art Deco isn't as extravagant as it once was, although it remains a highly customizable favorite. Animal print pillowcases and colored glass are trademarks of the resurgent art deco style, but anything with a geometric leaning might fit the scheme. Many modern homes put together a toned-down version of Art Deco that balances the bold with the practical. Art Deco elements are also added to many other designs, especially modern and urban styles that tilt toward the eclectic.

The Calm Vibes of Mediterranean Design

You don't need to own a villa hugging the Mediterranean to incorporate one of the iconic interior designs. Mediterranean style is known for blending cultural trademarks to create a luxurious overtone for any living space. Large windows showcase plentiful natural light in Mediterranean interiors, illuminating the classic sea-foam white walls. This makes for the perfect contrast alongside soft greens, turquoise blues, and terracotta reds.

Much like French country style, Mediterranean designs include plenty of flowers and plant life — usually in ornate ceramic pots that offer an old-world touch. Patterned ceramic tiling also provides some additional visual flair while showcasing the cultural roots at the heart of the Mediterranean aesthetic. While white or sand-colored walls offer a base, the rest of the interior is filled with colorized touches that complement the earthy scheme.

There's also a tremendous amount of versatility when it comes to furnishings. Beautifully carved wood furniture is common, but so are wrought iron chairs and embellished metalwork that point away from minimalism. Mediterranean design is an ageless form that can be simple, ornate, or anything in between.

A Mid-Century Modern Comeback

Soft brown tones and straightforward designs are at the heart of mid-century style, which is back on the rise after being somewhat dormant for a time. Mid-century modern typically combines an autumnal color scheme with clean lines and minimal clutter. In this refurbished version of an American classic, furniture bends are more practical than ornate, and when it comes to windows, the bigger, the better.

Homeowners aren't limited to fall colors and hairpin chairs, as there are plenty of opportunities to include bursts of color. Pink-tile bathrooms and aqua couches provide some balance to the typical browns and mustard yellows. Even wood paneling is returning in a big way, with designers branching out to include paneling that goes well beyond the dark wood of the 1960s. Mid-century modern is a great way to repurpose a classic style with a few contemporary upgrades.

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