Shorewood is the first suburb north of the city of Milwaukee. It is the perfect fusion of urban & suburban lifestyle.

Welcome to Shorewood

A tight-knit suburban community near incredible Lake Michigan waters and urban amenities

Situated along the majestic Lake Michigan yet still maintaining a slightly urban environment, Shorewood is an exciting and popular community. Incorporated in 1900 as the Village of East Milwaukee, Shorewood is the fourth oldest suburb in Wisconsin, and thus community members take pride in preserving their small town’s historic buildings and artifacts. It is known as one of the best places to live in Wisconsin.

Shorewood, Wisconsin, is home to all kinds of different architectural styles and patterns. Some of the most popular types in Shorewood include the Colonial Revival style, known for double-hung windows and symmetrical facades; the Mediterranean Revival style, which typically has low-pitched roofs with red tiles, and bungalows.

What to Love

  • A thriving business district full of boutiques and restaurants
  • Getting exercise at the Shorewood Community Fitness Center
  • Picturesque parks like Hubbard Park
  • Only a quick drive to downtown Milwaukee

Local Lifestyle

Locals of Shorewood enjoy a relaxed lifestyle while also enjoying the various amenities available to them due to their optimal location. Since the village borders the shoreline of Lake Michigan, many community activities revolve around lakeside life. Residents enjoy taking advantage of the several beaches. The community is known for maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle, prioritizing outdoor activities and recreation.

Shorewood is ideal for people of various different ages. There are wonderful nightlife spots for young people and plenty of quiet sanctuaries for retirees. Parents with children also love that the Shorewood School District is highly reputable, emphasizing a strong commitment to academic achievement. Local festivals and block parties also help to tie all members of the community together.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Camp Bar presents a cozy and inviting atmosphere, mirroring the essence of a traditional camp setting. It's a space where customers can enjoy a range of beverages and experience a unique ambiance reminiscent of a camp-like environment. Buttermint offers a modern take on Continental cuisine inspired by the culinary evolution of the early 1960s. The restaurant is recognized for its exceptional service and the special dining experience it provides.

Situated in Milwaukee, WI, Three Lions Pub, a British-style pub, combines traditional English culinary staples with American cuisine. It offers a variety of beers and wines, focusing on customer service to create an authentic "old world" British pub atmosphere. The pub's mission includes excellent food, a unique range of beers, and true community integration, aiming to make the pub feel like an extension of one's own living room​​​​​​​​. And if you’re looking for a unique drink after work, visit Draft & Vessel, which offers various craft beers in a vintage atmosphere.

SHOP is a Milwaukee boutique specializing in women's clothing and accessories. They focus on offering high-quality, classic, yet distinctive products, complemented by exceptional customer service.

Things to Do

There are all kinds of things to do when living in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Atwater Beach is located right on Lake Michigan and has a five-acre park, picnic tables, and plenty of room to lounge and tan under the sun. Visitors love to swim in the crystal-clear water, go boating, or fish. For a day full of exercise, you can also go to Oak Leaf Trail. It is over 135 miles long, extending along the shore of Lake Michigan, and is ideal for bikers, walking, and rollerblading amongst a scenic waterfront view.
A great way to support the community of Shorewood is by visiting the Shorewood Farmers Market. This market allows locals to buy fresh food products and artisan goods from small business vendors. Held on Saturdays from June to October, this is an excellent way to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable living. Or, if you are looking for an enriched cultural experience, you can visit Charles Allis Art Museum. This museum features a collection of the Allis family’s diverse artworks from around the world.


The Shorewood neighborhood is served by the Shorewood School District and has several excellent schools. Some of these opportunities include:

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